Happy Father’s Day!

By: Xappa

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, moms doing double duty, and other grown folks who step up to the plate! I hope you’ve got something fun planned with your pops, and if you are someone like me, who lives super far away from him Skype or face timing will work in a pinch!

My dad has always been someone who is mechanically inclined. As a child I found this to be magical.  I was dazzled at watching him create a wooden baby cradle for my doll, a platform bed for my mom and himself and custom build outs for our home. He was solely responsible for my displays at the Unique show in San Francisco in 2015, plus a bazillion other projects I asked him to make. I could really go on and on. Also, did I mention he also worked on all of our cars and fixed pretty much anything that went wrong with any mechanical contraption throughout our entire lives? Yeah…he’s kind of incredible. Beyond that, he is and has always been supportive of all our endeavors eagerly lending a helping hand.

A few years ago my mom bought him a fancy barbecue. He loves it and makes delicious food for us every time we visit. I decided to make an apron for him with some personality by adding a quilted piece to the bottom.  Aprons are a dime a dozen but the lack of detail, and shoddy craftsmanship always bug me. His will be different.

I used an existing apron for a pattern and sewed it together. Not gonna bore you with those details, it was so easy it took me less than 45 minutes to finish. The important part involved piecing.  The Half Square Triangles Fab Die Set was used for the triangles. The fabrics used: Purple Punch, PB & J, Gravity from Banyan Batiks Ketan collection because I love the colors.  I used them with Aloe and Black from the Kaufman Kona collection to give it a bit more contrast.

I figured out my pattern and sewed the pieces together  to make a rectangle then cut out some fusible webbing slightly smaller than the rectangle and ironed it to the apron. Once it’s all ironed, I quilted over the top to secure the rectangle to the apron just echoing the diamond shapes.

Gave it a good pressing and viola! Dad gift. Not too shabby for a novice, I hope he likes it! Thank you for reading. Show us what you made in the comments below and make sure you’re following us on all the Social Media Platforms!

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