Color Study Sunday: The Perfect Blend of Strength and Femininity

Choosing colors that complement each other will make your craft projects look even more special. Every week, we’ll share our favorite color combos with you to give you new ideas you can try out for yourself. We love finding new ways of mixing colors and hope our suggestions inspire your creative spirit.

Rosy Pinks, Rich Purples, And Husky Grays
From smoky lilac to icy blue to regal plum, this week’s color family creates a plush, romantic look that’s hard to resist. It’s a simply beautiful mixture that’s fit for a queen or even an empress. Just imagine how wonderful a quilt would look in these sumptuous shades. The overall mood of this color palette is both soothing and glamorous. Cool pastels and muted shades contrast fantastically with eye-catching pops of magenta or turquoise. You can either balance these bold colors with white to create a calming effect or use them all together for unadulterated indulgence. This combination of colors is so decadent and luxurious, it will add elegance to any of your creations. These tones are particularly stunning on home decor

What do you think of this color family? What colors will you choose for your next craft project?

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