Great Outdoors Month!

 This has to be one of my favorite months. My two brothers and I grew up in Arizona trying to avoid the heat. One way my parents helped us do so was to take us up north to go camping. Our vacations every year would be spent camping weeks at a time. As I have gotten older, it’s something I look back on and greatly appriciate because it gave me such a love for the outdoors. It also gave me a love for trying to make things simpler. “Work smarter, not harder”, is a phrase my father still lives by.             


Everyone has their own camping hacks and personal favorite gear. This past year I saw something I just had to make for my camping trips. A firewood tote! I honestly can not believe my parents didn’t have one growing up. It makes gathering firewood and carrying a bundle easy, and it saves you from all those nasty scratches or bugs that might be hiding among the wood. It is such a simple idea that makes you work smarter and not harder.


I have been playing more with the Crafter’s Edge Quilting Fab Dies and thought that this would be the perfect project to use the parallelograms on. I have had experience with sewing, but quilting is a different game; and I must say that these Fab Dies made it so simple. It helped immensely that I had perfectly angled parallelograms to sew together, and when your learning, it is always recommended to work smarter and not harder. These dies defiantly helped with that. I even had enough confidence to make a water bottle holder and can koozie out of the rectangle fab dies to add to my camping gear!


I am ready for my next camping trip and I actually will not mind gathering firewood this time. Are there any neat projects you have made or want to see for the great outdoors? Share them with us on our Facebook or Instagram, then go outside away from your screen and get some fresh air.




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