10 Days of Handmade Christmas – Day 5: Turtle Coffee Cozy

Hi there! I hope you enjoyed our party garland post. If you missed it, you can check it out here. We’re halfway through the list and that brings me to this adorable coffee cozy.  It’s number 5 on our 10 Days of Handmade Christmas. Coffee cozies are a necessity this time of year. Why not make one that can be used over and over? This little turtle cozy makes the cutest stocking stuffer everrrr!!! Okay, I may be a bit biased since I’m the one who made it buuuuut, look at how cute it is!


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So, I basically took a cardboard coffee cozy and traced it then did the rest using the Sheldon the Turtle Fab Die Set. Super easy, and by switching up the bow and using some pretty fabric, I made a female version. This project took me about 2 hours total and it was a blast! It would be even faster if you used felt, which I’m pretty sure I’ll use when I make my own stocking stuffers. Again, the usefulness of this gift is undeniable. Plus, you could use any of the animals on our site and they would all work well. I’m looking at the Cute Fox die or the Playful Penguin. You could pair this with a gift card to your coworker’s favorite coffee shop and bam! You’re a gift exchange hero! Easy peezy.

Let me know what you think and if you have cozies that you’ve made or seen in the comments below.

We’ll pick up with more handmade gift ideas on Monday so stay tuned!


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