10 Days of Handmade Christmas- Day 4: Winterland Garland

Hey there! Day four of our 10 Days of Handmade Christmas and were off to a brilliant start. Yesterday we got some great inspiration and ideas for bunting and banners. Today I want to continue with décor and show you this mesmerizing garland I made. I call it the curtain of a thousand circles. Mainly because it took over 250 individual circles. Which would be completely absurd to try and to paper punch or cut by hand. But I know a secret! Crafter’s Edge has two Circle Fab Die sets. One mini circle set and a larger circle set where they measure from 1½” to 6½” (in half increments). Alright, maybe its not a secret, and it shouldn’t be! Because these dies made cutting 250 plus circles a breeze. I Honestly don’t think I would have done this project if I didn’t have these dies. Which would have been a shame because I rather enjoyed making it.


Like me, you might have a lot of meaningful people stopping by throughout this month to visit. Usually this ends up in lots of corny pictures being taken and wonderful memories being made. This year I thought it would be a nifty idea to brighten up our photos with a snazzy background. So I took my little eyes to the internet, but I couldn’t find a garland I thought really popped. Most of them (in my budget that is) were kind of sparse and didn’t really do it for me. So being a crafter and in honor of saving money, I decided to make my own.

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Wanting to keep the colors open and interchangeable between Christmas and New Year’s, I choose some different teal and gold colored papers for the circles. After die cutting my circles, I arranged and layered them how I liked on the table. I then used tape to keep them all spaced apart like I wanted. For a more randomly spaced garland I don’t think the tape will be necessary.

sewing 1

I prepped all my circles with tape and sewed straight down the middle. Once that was done I folded some the circles in half at the seam to make them three dimensional. I made about 24 strands of different sized circles (half using smaller circles to go in between the lager ones). One of these strands was longer and I used it for the base strand that the rest hang off. I also added small tassels to that strand.


After I finished my strands of circles, I laid them out and hand sewed them to the base strand.


Voila! I hung it up after sewing my last strand on and could not have been more satisfied with the outcome.  After adding some ribbon and a fabric backdrop, my holiday photo station was ready for its close up!


It was a hit! This photo station really made for a great time. And of course we got some hilarious photos and had a blast taking them. We want to see yours! So go and brag about how cute you look in front your handmade garland and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Day Five of our Handmade Christmas.





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