Finger Puppet Bunny

Time to add a little bounce to your step! With the option of adding a pocket on the back, these plush bunnies can easily be used as finger puppets! What I love most about this project is the ability to bring your creation to life. Finger puppets are such a fun and creative way to add a little excitement to any story time. With a child’s wonderfully wild imagination, I can guarantee they will be entertained and thrilled with their Plush Bunnies! Another great idea is adding these a variety of bunnies to an Easter Basket…such a unique gift! Or even create a family of colorful bunnies and use them around the house as décor for Easter!

For this project I used the Bunny -or- Tooth Fab Die set that is coming soon from Crafter’s Edge. This bunny comes with a variety of optional pieces such as the inner ear and teeth so you can mix and match pieces for your own unique bunny look. If you have any sewing question, please feel free to post them and I will be sure to answer them as quickly as I can!

Download the full PDF on how to make these Finger Puppet Bunnies here.

I would love to see your latest creations and hear any ideas you may have for my next project or tutorial. Please, share your bunnies and ideas with me online via Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram: @thecraftersedge.

Happy Sewing!