Circle Hand Warmer Instructions

You’ll absolutely love these hand warmers when it gets a little chilly this new year! Make them yourself with this easy to follow tutorial. Download full PDF instructions here.


»» Fabrics Of Your Choice
»» Die Cutting Machine
»» Q1064 Fab Die Set
»» Thread To Match Or Coordinate With Your Selected Fabric
»» Fusible Web
»» Sewing Machine
»» Iron
»» Rice
»» Hand sewing Needle


1. Select and cut your fabrics. Refer to the chart below for fabric and fusible web needs. Choose a 100% cotton fabric to avoid burning the material of your hand warmers. Cut your fabric and fusible web to roughly the size of the die. Place the flat side of the die on the white base plate and your fabric/fusible web layers on top of the die. Put the metal plate on top of your fabric and sandwich it all together with the clear cutting plate. Adjust the roller width on your die cutting machine as needed and roll the plate through the machine twice (forward and back one time each).


2. Arrange, Iron and Sew. Layer your circles with fusible web underneath using two of the largest sized circles as the base of your hand warmer. Iron for 10 seconds on medium heat to activate the fusible web. To secure, add a desired stitch on the edges of your circles. After you sew your appliqués shapes, place your two circles together, right sides together. Sew along the edges leaving an opening for you to turn right side out.

3. Fill, finish and enjoy! After turning right side out, fill with rice about 3/4ths of the way full. Pin the gap and hand sew it closed using a ladder stitch. To use as hand warmers, place in the microwave for 25-30 seconds, wait a few moments for bags to cool, then let your hands enjoy the hard work and warmth!

I would love to see your latest creations and hear any ideas you may have for my next project or tutorial. Share your circle hand warmer and ideas with me online!

Enjoy your latest project!