10 Days of Handmade Christmas – Day 2: Embellished Tote Bags

Hey there, and welcome back to the 10 Days of Handmade Christmas. Let’s talk totes. Totes are incredibly useful and come in every size, color, and texture you can imagine that’s why they come in at number 2. I use them for grocery shopping, overnight bags, carry-on bags, beach bags, gift bags and so on. Why not embellish a tote and fill it with gifts instead of buying expensive, non-recyclable paper that just gets thrown in the trash? You have a ton of options when buying these. I went with a black one and a plain canvas one to have optimal design space ‘cause I likes to embellish. I may in fact, be half magpie.

Pic 2Pic 4

Using the Mama and Baby Owl Fab Die Set, and the Cute Fox Fab Die Set I made textile appliques to embellish an otherwise plain tote.

Pic 3

Don’t stop at totes either, you can use any of our appliques to embellish a messenger bag, purse, or whatever you feel like sprucing up. Fill it with Candy or toiletries. It’s like putting gifts inside of a gift! You’re a genius! At least that’s what they’ll say when they see the awesome tote you made. Just sit back with a cup of hot cocoa and wait for those thank you cards to roll in. Enjoy!

Let us know about your handmade gifts in the comments below.

Your friend in crafting,